Investigational Product Management

The availability and continuity of IP are the important things to be assured during a conduct of clinical trial. We involved in managing and assuring the IP stock, storage and deliverance to the support of a clinical trial site.

Services we provide:

  • Clinical Trial supplies packaging and labelling
  • Planning and monitoring supply schedule
  • Storage and Distribution
  • eturn and Destruction

Patient Recruitment and Retention

We ensure your site will reach enrollment goals in a timely and cost-effective manner with our customized patient recruitment services. Our recruitment methodologies maximize participation while offering education and support to attract and retain the proper target population to your trial

Medical Affairs

With extensive research experience and practical clinical knowledge, our medical affairs teams bring a comprehensive safety dimension to your research. We’re solutions-orientated, hard-wired to always find the very best approach. From conception of clinical development plans to approval – and beyond – we provide medical oversight that ensures patient safety, ethical conduct and regulatory compliance.

Laboratory Services

We provide. Identify, and support access to a full range of laboratory services that are dedicated to clinical development.