Become an Investigator

Who is an Investigator?
A physician in private practice can become an Investigator. A clinical trial investigator, physician plays an important role in the development of a clinical Study by conducting a Clinical Trial.

Advantages of Becoming an Investigator:

  • Professional development: Meet other clinical trial investigators to exchange ideas and plan future collaboration; and gain comfort in working with drugs and processes not yet approved by the regulatory agency.
  • Professional Recognition: Clinical trial investigators are often recognized as thought leaders within the professional community and may have the opportunity to become co-authors of articles for publication.
  • New Revenue Stream. Clinical trials offer the opportunity for additional revenue
  • Role in the Evolution of Medicine. Clinical trial investigators can potentially bring breakthrough products to the market that could impact the health of people around the world.

A Clinical trial investigator have the advantage of offering patients alternative treatments that may be available only through participation in clinical trials. Patients may receive care at no cost throughout the trial and may be provided with medication they might not otherwise be able to afford.